Free Initial Consultation to discuss your current situation and concerns and may be scheduled at your convenience.

Comprehensive Assessment to evaluate the Senior's physical, medical, mental, social, and safety status to identify problems and needs.

Individualized Care Plan will be developed and discussed to address client's needs at home or in a care facility. Implementation will be coordinated with your concerns in mind.

Referrals to Specialists such as legal, financial, home care, and community resources, as needed.

On-Going Care Management to monitor the health, care, and quality-of-life issues as they arise.
Investigation of Financial Resources: Insurance information, Government programs,entitlements, Veteran's Benefits.

Alternative Living Options and Assistance With Placement in assisted living or nursing facilities.

Monitor Client's Well-Being in Home, Assisted Living or Nursing Facility through personal visitation and meetings with Staff, with updates provided regularly to you.

Crisis Resolutions in situations when needs are immediate (e.g. hospital discharge, sudden change in physical or mental status).

Ongoing & Long Distance Caregiver Communication for updates on yourloved one’s well being and needs.

Anxiety* - Depression* - Grief/Losses* - Issues of Normal Aging*
Functional Decline* - Family Issues* - House/Living Changes*
*Medicare Reimbursable services